You’ve just been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis...

Now what do you do?

Is it possible to build bones even if you've

tried everything?

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You’re thinking:

"How could this be?

I eat right.

I exercise."

You’re feeling a bit blindsided.

Because you pride yourself on being well-informed.

Maybe you’ve tried all that you’ve been told to do:

Take your calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin k2 and magnesium supplements.

Yet there is that darn diagnosis....

And this diagnosis is bringing on anxiety and doubt.

Feelings of isolation with your next steps. Finding a doctor you can talk to. Drugs vs no drugs. The importance of the DXA test. Learning about the TBS test.

And maybe…..

You know that food is an important component

But you don't like to cook.

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Or you feel intimidated and not organized in the kitchen.

Your food budget is tight.

You question if eating organic is necessary.

You live alone and don’t like cooking for one.

Or your husband's palate and your bone needs don't sync.

…..And you just don’t know which foods have calcium. I mean broccoli, who knew?

I get it.

I felt lonely and overwhelmed when I was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005.

Could you feel hopeful again if you knew exactly what to reach for at the grocery store to make easy bone-loving meals.....

Would you feel like you could move forward if you knew that you could cook and eat foods that support your bones and made your husband and children happy too?

Because I know you're going to understand more about this osteoporosis thing...and I want you to feel empowered and confident while you do.

So let me introduce you to my Bones Tribe.

Where you get the information and support you need to live happily with your osteoporosis.

Introducing my

Bones Tribe

Please listen to my own bone journey in the video below.

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Client Journey

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Your Bones Tribe Monthly Membership Includes:

Comprehensive Calcium and Oxalate Food Chart - to ease your cooking confusion

​Two topic driven coaching calls a month 1st + 3rd Tues at 7pm ET

Facebook Private Bones Tribe page with a thriving community where I post Mon-Fri.

Weekly bone-loving recipes and food and kitchen product reviews posted in our Facebook Page

Exclusive Video Content with transcripts delivered weekly:



For my early birds who act now, your early bird bonus addresses:

1. Bone supplement video with Dr. Keith McCormick

2. How Toxins Impact Bone Health: with Dr. Aly Cohen - Integrative Rheumatologist

3. Bonus Video 1: What's in Irma's pantry

4. Bonus Video 2: What's in Irma's refrigerator


The bones of the program are as follows:


FOOD AS MEDICINE - Exclusive Video Content and transcripts:

1. Introduction to Functional Medicine with Dr. Kristann Heinz

2. PROTEIN: Why it matters for your bones

3. SPICES: The Spice of Life

4. Spice PDF - Health Benefits of Spices

5. STRESS: How stress plays havoc on your bones

6. Mindful eating PDF

7. ACID How whole unprocessed foods buffer the acid load

8. Acid /Alkaline Food Chart PDF

9. COLLAGEN: The best collagen for your bone support and growth

10. COLLAGEN transcript

11. DXA tracking guide

Bones Tribe Membership $57



----> tribe20

And Save 35%


Price will be grandfathered for lifetime as long as you’re a member

What Doctors Are Saying:

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Meet Your Holisitic Bone Coach - Irma Jennings

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Irma Jennings, INHC, went from the boardroom on Wall Street to the cutting board in her kitchen after returning to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2003.

Her diagnosis of osteopenia in 2005 inspired her to create her company, Food for Healthy Bones®.

After being told by her doctor that drugs were the only option, she is happy to report her bones are strong and have not become osteopororatic as her doctor had threatened if she didn't take the medicine.

Irma was part of the (2016) PBS special, “Stronger Bones, Longer Life” with Dr. Lani Simpson. She created a cooking video for the program.

For the past 12 years, Irma has blogged monthly on Food for Healthy Bones.

Cooking did not come easily to Irma.

Her first big meal took hours to create for her fun-loving, yet critical, Wall Street colleagues and was told.....

"Irma, this tastes like dog food."

So if you struggle in the kitchen, like Irma has, this training will become your kitchen friend.

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Can I cancel my membership?

Membership can be cancelled at anytime. Simply send an email to No questions asked.

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You will be grandfathered at this price as long as you are an active member

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You will be added to my membership site and content will be delivered weekly. You will receive an email confirmation when content is ready.

Can I review the videos again and again?

Yes, as long as you are an active member of the Bones Tribe.

Where do I find the weekly recipes?

All recipes and product reviews will be posted in our Private Bones Tribe Facebook page.

By becoming a member of my Bones Tribe you will be added to my monthly newsletter Food for Healthy Bones. This is where recipes, cooking videos and blog posts on "all things BONES" will be shared.

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