Benefits of One on One Coaching

SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Many of the tools and techniques used in professional coaching are scientfically proven to reduce stress and to put you on the right path especially when you feel stuck trying to change your food choices, sleep hygiene, relationship and self-care. All tools in service to your bone health.


It's NOT just about bone health. This call is open to whatever support you need: from health issues, to food questions, to personal issues, to work issues, relationship issues AND finding your purpose.

------> "I'm transitioning from my marriage of 31+ years.  Moving with grace into a place of mindful empowerment as I rebuild my internal and external skeleton". Roberta, Connecticut

SAFE SPACE TO STRATEGIZE: Providing a safe and confidentail space to process challenging situations and gain perspective so you can make those "small changes" from a sense of knowing.

ACTIVATE RESILIANCE: Even when you can't change what is happening around you, coaching helps you activate and grow your resiliance without overwhelm.

-----> "Irma is a brilliant, inspirational motivator." Maria Spear, FL

MINDSET SHIFTS: Removes overwhelm. As your holistic health bone coach I am with you all the way as you get unstuck and shift unproductive or fixed patterns into an actionable mindset.

CLARIFY PURPOSE/FIND MEANING: People are thinking about purpose and meaning. Coaching supports you in clarifying and then acting in alignment with what is most important and meaningful.

COACHING SUPPORTS MINDFUL CHOICES IN TIMES OF CHANGE: People are making major life and work changes, and coaching provides support to most effectively make those choices and navigate related changes.

Client Love

Connie Holeman, Florida

"Irma's advice was not a "one size fits all" for my bone health. She is very approachable, has a vast body of knowledge and is very generous."

Wallis Chevitz, Florida

"Irma has saved my life in so many ways. She offers bone advice, helpful referrals." Her knowledge about bones and health insurance has been incredible. "Everytime I connected with Irma, I feel anchored, listened to and grateful."

Laura Parisi, Connecticut

"Incredible support I've received from Irma. Her coaching is extraordinary no matter what I am going through. A deep listener who's coaching goes into the marrow of my bones." Irma synthesizes it for me..... from tests to next steps and has the long view.

Margie King, Pennsylvania

"I've known Irma over 10 years. Most of that time she worked with me as a fellow coach with health and business issues. After receiving a devestating diagnosis Irma has been my health coach and advocate."

Ana Melikian, PhD, Arizona (originally from Portugal)

"Irma helped me navigate all the stages when I was diagnosed with my breast cancer suggesting I get a DXA test before treatment.

She also offered emotional support."

More Client Love

Hearing from Irma on a regular basis, getting her feedback, suggestions and encouragement is helping me to make subtle changes for my bone health. Maureen Romano, PA

I've never come across so much useful information in one place! Doreen DiGiacomo, NJ


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